15 Things to Make Out of Polymer Clay: Creative DIY Projects

Discover a variety of creative things you can craft using polymer clay, from whimsical jewelry to unique home decor items.

Key takeaways:

  • Craft clay animal figurines for whimsical home decor.
  • Create fairy doors to add a touch of magic to your garden.
  • Make mini clay pizzas for dollhouses or fridge magnets.
  • Craft unique and stylish clay decorative buttons for garments.
  • Create custom clay smartphone stands for a secure and stylish display.

What You Will Learn

Clay Animal Figurines

clay animal figurines

Craft your own menagerie, from tiny turtles to bespoke birds, to sprinkle a touch of whimsy around your home.

Polymer Clay Fairy Doors

Transform a corner of your garden into a magical realm by crafting tiny, whimsical doors that create the illusion of a fairy’s home.

Miniature Clay Pizzas

Craft adorable, bite-sized pizzas with customizable toppings for a whimsical addition to dollhouses or as quirky fridge magnets.

Clay Decorative Buttons

Craft unique and stylish fasteners for your garments or as eye-catching additions to your craft projects.

Clay Smartphone Stands

Transform your desk with a funky, custom-made stand to keep your smartphone secure and stylishly accessible.

Mini Clay Photo Frames

Capture precious moments in a unique way by crafting custom, mini photo frames from polymer clay, adding a personal touch to any small space or office desk.

Polymer Clay Chess Set

Craft a custom chess set with knights, rooks, and kings sculpted from polymer clay, adding a personal touch to every game night.

Clay Plant Pot Decorations

Transform your green space by adding whimsical or elegant clay designs to your plant pots, a delightful way to showcase your personality through your flora.

Polymer Clay Puzzle Pieces

Craft individual puzzle pieces that fit together in vibrant colors and designs, creating a fully customizable and reassembleable work of art.

Clay Draped Clocks

These clocks feature polymer clay creatively molded around their faces, transforming a simple time-telling device into a unique piece of art.

Polymer Clay Bag Charms

These whimsical charms add a personal touch to your bags, allowing you to showcase your style or mood with every accessory change.

Artistic Clay Paperweights

Transform your desk with a touch of artistry by using polymer clay to fashion custom paperweights that express your personal style or mimic your favorite art pieces.

Clay Wine Glass Charms

Add a touch of elegance to any dinner party with custom-made wine glass charms, ensuring guests always know which glass is theirs.

Mini Clay Salt and Pepper Shakers

These tiny kitchen essentials, customized with intricate designs or whimsical characters, add a dash of unique charm to any dining table.

Clay Covered Mirror Frames

Transform a plain mirror into a stunning decor piece by adding unique, hand-crafted frames with polymer clay.

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