Polymer Clay Superstore Buying Guide: Essential Tips for Your Next Purchase

Looking for the ultimate shopping guide to find all your polymer clay needs in one place?

Key takeaways:

  • Condition your clay for easy shaping and molding.
  • Follow the baking instructions to avoid a disaster.
  • Let your creations cool properly before handling.
  • Find a wide variety of colors and tools at our store.
  • Best-selling clay brands for every skill level and project.

What You Will Learn



So, you’ve got your polymer clay, but now what? Here’s how to get started without turning your kitchen into a miniature claymation disaster zone.

First things first – condition your clay. This just means warm it up and get it soft. Think of it like a tiny massage session for your clay. Knead it in your hands until it’s nice and pliable.

Next, shape away. Mold it, roll it, squish it. Unleash your inner sculptor. You can use everyday items like toothpicks, old credit cards, even that weird fork you never use.

Finished masterpiece? It’s baking time. Follow the clay package instructions and preheat your oven. No, don’t guess the temperature unless you want a melted horror show. Place your creations on a baking tray and slide them into the oven. Set a timer and avoid the temptation to open the door and peek.

And finally, let it cool. Fresh out of the oven, your pieces are fragile. Give them time to chill out and harden properly.

Voilà! You’re now a polymer clay wizard, ready to dazzle your friends with your crafty prowess.


Here’s the scoop: our collection is colossal. We stock everything from the basic staples to the latest must-haves in the polymer clay universe.

Need a splash of color? Our rainbow array of clays caters to every shade dreamable.

Looking for texture tools? We’re talking rollers, cutters, and molds galore.

Got a baking mishap? Fear not! We have an array of curing solutions.

New to the game? Starter kits await to turn you into a clay-conquering wizard.

Trust us, whatever your project, we’ve got what you need and probably a few things you didn’t even know you needed!

What People Are Saying About Us

Customers can’t stop raving about how our polymer clay products have transformed their crafting projects. Many appreciate the wide variety of colors and textures available, making their creative dreams come true without any hassle.

One customer mentioned how our user-friendly online store layout made the shopping experience enjoyable and stress-free. Another highlighted our fast shipping, which allowed them to dive into their project sooner than expected.

The high quality of our polymer clay receives consistent praise. Users love that it’s easy to work with, whether they’re sculpting intricate details or just rolling out fun shapes with the kids.

In addition to our products, our customer service gets a lot of love. Quick responses to inquiries and helpful guidance make all the difference. Keep the feedback pouring in; we love hearing from our crafty community!

Best Sellers

Super Sculpey is a perennial favorite. It’s beloved by artists for its flexibility and durability. Plus, it can be baked in a regular oven. No need for fancy kilns here!

Premo! Sculpey is another hot item. It’s perfect for intricate details. Imagine sculpting a teeny-tiny dragon or a miniature Eiffel Tower. Yes, it’s that good.

FIMO Soft is excellent for beginners. Why? Because it’s easier to mold and doesn’t require the biceps of a bodybuilder to knead.

For those who like a bit of sparkle, FIMO Effects offers glitter, metallics, and even translucent clays. It’s like a magical unicorn of polymer clays.

Finally, Kato Polyclay is the go-to for serious crafters. It’s exceptionally strong and holds its shape beautifully. Perfect for jewelry or any project needing durability.


Sure thing! Need a rainbow of colors to play with? Or maybe you’re hunting for special metallic clays to make your projects shine? We’ve got you covered. Break down your shopping experience into simple, easy-to-navigate categories.

Looking for tools to shape, mold, and texturize your creations? Cruise over to our Tools section. Trust us, a good rolling pin is a total game-changer.

Need inspiration or just a creative nudge? Explore our Project Kits. They come with everything you need—minus the frustration.

Sustainability on your mind? Check out our Eco-Friendly products. Mother Earth gives us a thumbs up!

We even have a section for Polymer Pros. Special techniques and advanced products for those ready to level up their clay game.

Shopping by category makes it a breeze to find exactly what you need, without the hassle of endless scrolling. Ready, set, create!

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