The Top 42 Plastic Tube Manufacturers

Plastic tube manufacturers play a critical role in the production and distribution of plastic tubes used for various purposes such as packaging, industrial operations, and medical equipment.

Plastic tube manufacturers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of everyday objects, but they are actually responsible for producing an essential component of many products we use on a daily basis. From squeezable tubes of toothpaste to durable medical tubing, plastic tubes are ubiquitous in our lives and play a vital role in packaging, transportation, and storage.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of plastic tube manufacturing, exploring its history, modern techniques and applications, and environmental impact. Join us as we uncover the fascinating world behind these seemingly simple yet crucial items!

What You Will Learn

Berry Global

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Laminate and extruded tubes
  • Tubes for cosmetics, industrial, and DIY applications
  • Various sizes and neck finishes available
  • Product filtering and comparison options on website
  • Global facilities and customer service available

This plastic tube manufacturer offers laminate and extruded tubes for a wide range of applications, including cosmetics, industrial, and DIY products. They provide multiple neck sizes and finishes to meet specific customer needs.

Petro Packaging

Contact phone: (908) 272-4054

Services and products:

  • Clear plastic tubes
  • Caps
  • Profile extrusions
  • Injection molding
  • Custom manufacturing services

Petro Packaging is a reliable and reputable plastic tube manufacturer located in Cranford, NJ that has been serving customers for over 60 years. As more U.S.

Companies look to source products domestically, Petro Packaging stands out as a trusted provider of clear plastic tubes, caps, and profile extrusions with exceptional customer service and superior quality products. With their commitment to American-made manufacturing processes like injection molding, they are poised to thrive in the evolving global market.


JSN Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Contact phone: (949) 458-0050

Services and products:

  • Direct factory manufacturing of high-quality plastic squeeze tubes
  • Production of mono-layer and multi-layer barrier tubes
  • Availability of recyclable plastics and sustainable plastic solutions
  • Customization options for tube colors and finishes
  • Variety of closure options including dispensing flip-top and non-dispensing “stand-up” style tube cap options, or a custom cap of your design.

JSN is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic squeeze tubes that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. With cutting-edge technology, they produce mono-layer and multi-layer barrier tubes that come in all standard Pantone colors, as well as translucent, transparent, frosted, metallic and pearlescent finishes.

They also offer an array of tube cap options to match or complement their customers’ tube selections.

Kaufman Container

Services and products:

  • Plastic tubes on demand program with low MOQs
  • Variety of plastic tubes including cosmetic tubes, empty squeeze tubes, and aluminum tubes packaging
  • Short lead times for wholesale plastic tubes
  • Labeling and silk screen printing on tubes
  • In-house decorating capabilities including silk screening, hot stamping, and labeling on various containers.

Kaufman Container is a leading supplier of plastic tubes in the USA, offering a wide variety of cosmetic and squeeze tubes as well as aluminum packaging. With their on-demand program, customers can order small quantities for testing or product launches, while also taking advantage of labeling and silk screen printing services.

Those who need short lead times and quality wholesale plastic tubes should consider Kaufman Container as their top choice.

Freelin-Wade Co

Freelin-Wade Co


Services and products:

  • Polyurethane Tubing
  • Reinforced Polyurethane Hose
  • Flexible Hoses
  • Polyurethane Spiral Coils with Fittings
  • Metric Coiled Polyurethane Tubing

This plastic tube manufacturer produces a wide variety of polyurethane tubing types and other flexible hoses, including reinforced options. They offer an extensive range of resources to help customers make informed purchasing decisions, such as Durometer charts and chemical resistance information.

Hudson Extrusions

Services and products:

  • Custom fabrication of extruded plastic tubing
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Tubing
  • Nylon Tubing (Nylon 6, Nylon 6/6, Nylon 11, Nylon 12, Clear Nylon 6, Metric Nylon 6)
  • Ester Polyurethane Tubing and Ether Polyurethane Tubing
  • Stock Plastic Profiles and Custom Plastic Profiles

Hudson Extrusions Inc. Is a leading US-based Plastic Tube Manufacturer, providing high-quality extruded plastic tubing products, including Nylon Tubing, Polyurethane Tubing, and HDPE Tubing.

The company’s customer-centric approach and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment are reflected in its unsurpassed quality control tests and ISO Certification.

C.L. Smith

C.L. Smith Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Squeeze tubes in various sizes, capacities, materials, colors, and finishes
  • Bold graphics printed with off-set, silkscreen, or gold stamping on attractive surfaces
  • Squeeze tube sizes range from .05” – 2.375” diameter with a volume/capacity of 0.125 – 13.5 fl oz
  • Squeeze tube suppliers manufacture tubes in HDPE, LDPE, PP, Co-Extruded, Multi-layer, and also Aluminum
  • Accommodation of an array of caps such as Ribbed or Smooth, Spout & Center Dispenser, Child Resistant, Caulk Tip, Valve tip, plus many more.

C.L. Smith is a highly versatile plastic tube manufacturer that caters to retail packaging and brand differentiation by supplying customized squeeze tubes in various sizes, materials, colors, finishes, and package enhancing options like caps and prints.

Their extensive range of minimum order quantity for the squeeze tubes also makes them an ideal partner for businesses of varying needs.

Lakeland Plastics

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Services and products:

  • Custom plastic tubing manufacturing
  • Designing custom tubing to exact specifications
  • Manufacturing nearly any diameter tubing in custom lengths and colors
  • Specializing in quality custom extruded plastic tubing and pipes
  • Providing a variety of extruded plastic tube fabrication services to meet exact needs

Lakeland Plastics is a reliable and experienced custom plastic tubing manufacturer, providing quality plastic tube fabrication services to meet specific requirements of their customers. They offer customization in size, shape, color, hardness and meet applicable regulatory standards.

So if you need any extruded plastic tube or tubing for your industry needs in any diameter or length – Lakeland Plastics is the place to go!

Pack Tubes

Contact phone: (541) 529-4396

Services and products:

  • Custom made collapsible Aluminum tubes
  • Laminated tubes
  • Squeezable Plastic tubes
  • Prototype, low MOQ custom-made tube program
  • Quality assurance

PACK-TUBES is a top manufacturer and distributor of custom-made collapsible aluminum, laminated, and squeezable plastic tubes for cosmetics, skin care, oral care, pharma and industrial markets. With state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff, they create outstanding packaging solutions with low minimum order quantities to support start-ups and new product launches.

They are committed to being the leading provider of high-quality tube packaging in North America and beyond.


Freelin-Wade Co


Services and products:

  • Offering the largest selection of stock containers
  • Bringing your vision to life with custom solutions
  • Maximizing the impact of your branding through decoration services
  • Simplifying your supply chain with logistics support
  • Meeting industry standards for quality assurance and regulatory compliance

O.Berk is a plastic tube packaging manufacturer that offers the largest selection of stock containers as well as custom solutions to bring your vision to life. With quality assurance, regulatory assistance, and logistics services, O.Berk simplifies your supply chain while meeting industry standards and exceeding customer expectations.

Top Tubes

Top Tubes Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Contact phone: (984) 602-7119

Services and products:

  • Customizable packaging for various industries
  • BPA free plastic tubes and applicators
  • State-of-the-art tubing techniques and applicators
  • Variety of tubes for the cosmetic industry
  • Flexible packaging services tailored to business needs

Top Tubes is a reliable and experienced plastic tube manufacturer who takes pride in supplying various industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, personal branding among others for over 20 years. They provide exceptional customizable packaging services that differentiate companies from their competitors while ensuring high quality and long-lasting products with features such as BPA free plastic and easy to use laminated tubes and applicators.

Top Tubes has an extensive collection of tubes to cater to every business owner’s style and needs.




Services and products:

  • Plastic tubes for packaging goods with a focus on product appearance and design
  • Extruded tubes with a large palette of decoration options, including LINHARDT HD-print
  • Colored or highly transparent plastic options
  • PCR tubes made of recycled plastics and other sustainable plastic tube innovations
  • Stylish plastic tube solutions

LINHARDT plastic tube manufacturer offers a wide range of sustainable and stylish packaging solutions for goods that focus on appearance and design. Their extruded tubes come with various decoration options, including their innovative LINHARDT HD-print, while their PCR tubes made of recycled plastics promote sustainability in product packaging.


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Plastic Tubes
  • Aluminum Tubes
  • Caps
  • PE Mono Material Tubes
  • PCR Tubes

This plastic tube manufacturer offers a vast range of solutions, including aluminum and plastic tubes, caps, extrusion capabilities, injection molding options, decoration approaches such as digital printing and hot stamping techniques. They are committed to delivering quality products sustainably and also offer career opportunities for interested individuals.

Contact them today for more information on their services.

Auber Packaging

Contact phone: (618) 965-5653

Services and products:

  • Cosmetic Tubes
  • Custom Shape Tubes
  • Dual Chamber Tubes
  • PCR Tubes
  • Sugarcane Tubes

This Plastic Tube Manufacturer has been producing extruded and laminated tubes since 2004. They offer a wide range of custom-shaped tubes, including dual chamber and polygonal tubes with special applicators for cosmetics.

They provide small packaging solutions for eye gel and pharmaceutical products.


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Extruded plastic tube manufacturing for cosmetic, food, pharma, and industrial markets
  • Dedicated customer care and account manager for each country
  • Cost-efficient high-speed machinery
  • Low volume program for every project
  • Different decoration techniques including silkscreen, flexo, offset, in- and off-line foiling, and labeling.

Multitubes is a leading plastic tube manufacturer serving the cosmetic-, food-, pharma- and industrial markets. With production facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium, Multitubes has established itself as one of Europe’s leading tube manufacturers.

Their team of enthusiastic employees is dedicated to providing quick responses, pro-active communication, and quality customer service while also offering cost-efficient high-speed machinery to bring your artwork to life.


I.TA Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Services and products:

  • PE Oval Tube Packaging in customized sizes
  • Co-Ex Tubes and Soft Plastic Tube Packaging
  • Private Logo Tube and Customized Plastic Tube manufacturing
  • Squeeze Tube and Collapsible Tube production
  • Cosmetic Tube Decoration and Quality Control services

I.TA is a highly reputable Taiwanese manufacturer of plastic squeeze tubes and injection molded caps that serves the cosmetic and personal care markets. Their high-quality PE oval tube packaging comes customized in various diameters and lengths to provide customers with OEM containers, private logo tubes, and other customizable options.

With over three decades of experience producing soft plastic tube packaging, I.TA retains highly trained technicians who produce all tube decorations in-house to ensure nationally recognized brands’ marketing requirements are met.

Lisson Packaging

Contact phone: (531) 296-5672

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Green Packaging
  • Eco Squeeze Tube
  • Sugarcane Tube
  • PCR Tube
  • Aluminium Tubes

Lisson Group is a wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer based in Korea, offering various eco-friendly tube options including sugarcane, PCR, and aluminium tubes. Their custom cosmetic tubes are designed with brand recognition and user-focus in mind to help businesses boost their market share.


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Production of polyethylene tubes
  • Eco-friendly tube packaging solutions (sugar cane tubes and PCR plastic tubes)
  • Full tightness, maximum strength, and durability of recycled tube packaging
  • Cosmetic plastic tubes approved for contact with food
  • Professional advice and support from experienced technologists and specialists from concept to delivery.

This family-owned Plastic Tube Manufacturer near Warsaw has over 15 years of experience producing top-quality polyethylene tubes for various industries, including cosmetics and food. They offer eco-friendly options such as sugar cane tubes and PCR plastic tubes, confirmed to adhere to ISO 9001 safety standards.

Their experienced team provides professional advice throughout the entire process from concept to delivery.

Neel Packaging

Contact phone: (804) 763-7501

Services and products:

  • Cosmetic Plastic Tube
  • Cosmetic Packaging Tube
  • Laminated Plastic Packaging Tube
  • Beauty Cream Tube
  • Body Lotion Packaging Tube

Neel Packaging is a reliable plastic tube manufacturer that offers various cosmetic packaging tube options. From laminated plastic to oval-shaped tubes, they have many different options and can handle bulk orders with minimum quantities ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 pieces.

Victor Group

Contact phone: (606) 310-4115

Services and products:

  • Innovative plastic tube packaging for personal care and pharmaceutical industry
  • Wide range of extruded and PBL tubes, and PET bottle products
  • Advanced R&D department for leading edge innovations
  • Custom plastic tube packaging manufacturing
  • Uniform thickness production for reduced waste and environmental friendliness

Victor Packaging is a leading plastic tube packaging manufacturer in South East Asia, providing innovative solutions for the personal care and pharmaceutical industry. With a team of over 450 specialists and technicians, advanced R&D facilities, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Victor Packaging offers a wide range of high-quality extruded and PBL tubes as well as PET bottle products tailored to meet unique specifications.


Victor Group


Contact phone: (800) 949-1141

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Clear plastic containers in various shapes and sizes
  • Flexible and rigid PermaSeal bottoms
  • Multiple closures and hanging options for tops
  • Customization options for containers
  • No tooling charges for unlimited lengths of tubes

VisiPak is a leading plastic tube manufacturer, providing a versatile line of clear plastic containers including tubes, caps and closures. With their 1-2-3 step process, customers can easily create the perfect packaging container tailored to their specific needs by choosing from a range of sizes, shapes and bottom and top options.

ETMA (European Tube Manufacturers Association)

Services and products:

  • Packaging for semi-solid contents
  • Hygienic and barrier properties
  • Product protection
  • Design opportunities
  • Environmental sustainability

This plastic tube manufacturer offers packaging solutions for semi-solid contents, providing excellent hygiene, product protection and design opportunities. With tried-and-tested top quality tubes made of various materials, they are highly successful in sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food.

They are also a member of etma, contributing to the market’s success and maintaining high quality standards.

Neopac AG

Neopac AG Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Services and products:

  • Packaging solutions for pharmaceutical industry
  • Packaging solutions for cosmetics industry
  • Packaging solutions for dental industry
  • Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes for 1 – 300 ml capacities
  • Production sites in Switzerland and Hungary

Neopac is a leading packaging manufacturer of top-quality Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes that cater to the needs of industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and dental. With production sites in Switzerland and Hungary, they offer 1-300 ml capacities that take care of stringent requirements for hygiene, safety, aesthetics as well as ease-of-use.

Filson Filters

Services and products:

  • Reliable and rigid structure with high strength
  • Custom sizes available for each exclusive application
  • Chemically resistant to most acid and alkali solvents
  • Tightly controlled manufacture process with highest quality specifications
  • Porous plastic tubes with tightly controlled pore sizes ranging from 5 to 200 microns and high porosity of 25-60%

Filson is a reliable and quality-driven porous plastic tube manufacturer based in China that offers customized sizes and specifications to meet the unique needs of its clients. Their tubes are chemically-resistant to most acid and alkali solvents, have uniform pore distribution, and a high porosity rate.

Naylor Specialist Plastics

Services and products:

  • Bespoke tube products for development samples, short production runs, special sizes, or fabricated assemblies
  • Tube manufacturing in sizes ranging from 2mm to 315mm external diameter and in wall thicknesses of between 1mm and 20mm
  • Geotechnical survey tubes
  • Tubes with FDA approval for use in food contact applications
  • Tubes for water irrigation systems

This Plastic Tube Manufacturer takes pride in offering custom-made tube products for customers with unique requirements. They have the capability to produce a wide range of plastic tubes with varying sizes and thicknesses, including FDA-approved tubes for use in food applications and geotechnical survey tubes.

They can also create prototype products tailored to meet specific needs, thanks to their in-house tooling capability.

CCL Label

CCL Label

Services and products:

  • Plastic tube packaging solutions
  • Custom tube design
  • Decorating innovations for tube packaging
  • Multiple color offset and multiple color silkscreen printing
  • Hot stamping and labeling services

CCL Tube is a top manufacturer of plastic tube packaging solutions, specializing in beauty and personal care tubes. They work closely with customers to design ideal tube configurations and offer innovative decorating capabilities.

Contact them today to learn more!

BRK Packwell Pvt. Ltd

Contact phone: (380) 563-5908

Services and products:

  • Cosmetic Packaging Tube
  • Printed Packaging Tube
  • Plastic Packaging Tube
  • Laminated Tubes
  • Tube Caps

BRK is a Plastic Tube Manufacturer based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They offer a range of plastic packaging tubes including cosmetic, pharma and food-grade tubes with different cap shapes and sizes.

BRK ensures perfect quality with a minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces.




Services and products:

  • Aluminium laminate tubes
  • Plastic extruded tubes
  • Plastic laminate tubes
  • Round tubes
  • Nozzle necks

AMYPT is a highly innovative Plastic Tube Manufacturer that offers a wide range of products, including cosmetic tubes with various caps, aluminum tubes for cosmetics and more. They are known to be the first factories producing Aluminum plastic tubes and Plastic laminated tubes.

Their research and development initiatives ensure 1-2 new styles per month, making them a reliable choice for those seeking fresh ideas.


Plastube Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Contact phone: (800) 567-0512

Services and products:

  • Extruded plastic tubes in monolayer or coextrusion
  • Expert advice and expertise for successful projects
  • Wide variety of colors available, including custom colors
  • Quick turnaround times for smaller orders
  • Plastic tubes made of 100% recyclable material

This plastic tube manufacturer offers high-quality and customizable extruded tubes in both monolayer and coextrusion profiles for industrial, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors. With state-of-the-art technology, the company ensures quick turnaround times for smaller orders that are made of 100% recyclable materials.

They provide excellent advice and expertise to help you choose the best option at an affordable price without compromising on quality.


Services and products:

  • Customized round tubes, irregular shape tubes, 2-ply tubes, and 5-ply tubes for unique needs
  • Plastic squeeze tubes for a variety of beauty products such as eye cream, lip gloss, face wash, mask, lotion, and more
  • Excellent barrier properties, lightweight, and easy-to-use features of plastic squeeze tubes
  • Cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution for cosmetic brands
  • Diverse range of options for different usage including emulsion tube, shampoo hose, lip gloss tube, paste tube, face wash tube, hair dye tube, ointment tubes, toothpaste tube, and more.

Cosmopacks is a leading cosmetic tube packaging supplier that offers a wide range of plastic squeeze tubes, including customizable options for round tubes, irregular shape tubes, 2-ply and 5-ply tubes. Their products are perfect for various beauty products and offer features like excellent barrier properties and ease-of-use.

With their diverse range of options catering to specific needs and preferences, Cosmopacks provides clients with an efficient packaging solution.



Services and products:

  • Extruded plastic tubes for premium personal care lines and retail products
  • CoEx tubes suitable for foods and pharmaceuticals, available in various colors and effects
  • Attractive packaging options with offset printing, screen printing, labeling, and foil stamping
  • Tamper Evident Safety Seal (TESS) for added security
  • Cap options for both CoEx and PBL tubes, designed to stand on their cap for convenience

Tube Advantage is a renowned plastic tube manufacturer that offers CoEx Tubes, which are extruded plastic tubes designed for premium image personal care lines and products. These tubes have a smooth seamless exterior and come in natural, opaque or a vast range of colors including metallic effects.

They can be further enhanced with foil stamping and offer tamper-proof packaging solutions through their Tamper Evident Safety Seal (TESS).

Spectrum Plastics Group

Contact phone: (325) 925-2195

Services and products:

  • Full spectrum partnership from ideas to final products
  • Extruded medical tubing (conventional and advanced)
  • Catheter technologies (design and build)
  • Medical balloons (innovative and complex technical solutions)
  • Injection molding

Spectrum is a leading independent plastic tube manufacturer with a focus on medical device components. Their expertise in extruded medical tubing, catheter technologies, medical balloons, and injection molding ensures that they can meet any need for their clients.

Primo Medical Group

Primo Medical Group

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Polymer solutions development for specific requirements in the medical sector
  • Plastic medical tubing range including corrugated, X-ray, bubble, single- and multi-lumen, multilayer and non-PVC, and tubing and reinforcements for dental use
  • Fast and flexible prototyping with on-time delivery
  • First-class clean room facilities and specially trained medical staff
  • Tooling and prototyping center for quick delivery of tubes within one week.

Primo is a leading plastic tube manufacturer specialized in medical tubing. They focus on developing polymer solutions that meet specific requirements such as efficiency, total cost, flexibility or sustainability while adhering to high legal requirements of the medical industry.

Primo offers fast and flexible prototyping with on-time delivery thanks to their clean room facilities and specially trained staff.

Fanyu Innovative Tube

Fanyu innovative tube Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Services and products:

  • Plastic tube production for cosmetics, colored cosmetics, and personal products
  • Suitable for all types of liquid packaging, including medicine, food, oil, chemical, detergent, pigment, and other liquid or paste products
  • Co-designing products for special needs
  • D16-LN9/QQ2-CN01UD Double-End Tube
  • D10-TWE Twist Off One-Time Broken Head and D10-FL01-A18-T225UD Flocked Plug

Fanyu Innovative Tube is a highly skilled plastic tube manufacturer with years of experience. They specialize in the production of cosmetic, colored cosmetic and personal products packaging suitable for all types of liquid packaging including medicine, food, oil and other paste products.

You can also co-design products for special needs by contacting them via telephone for their sincere service.

PR Packaging

PR Packaging Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Printed Duplex Boxes
  • Printed Fluted Cartons
  • Squeeze Tubes (Lamitubes and Seamless tubes)
  • Labels
  • Corrugated Boxes

PR Pack is a leading plastic tube manufacturer in India that offers a wide range of packaging solutions, including squeeze tubes, laminated tubes and seamless tubes. Their consistent quality has made them the most trusted manufacturer across the country.

They cater to sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and oral hygiene with their versatile packaging products.

JM Eagle™

JM Eagle™ Plastic Tube Manufacturer

Contact phone: (206) 502-6542

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Water/Sewer pipes
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Storm/Drainage pipes
  • Gas/Fittings pipes
  • Irrigation/Agriculture pipes

JM Eagle is a leading Plastic Tube Manufacturer with an unmatched capability to develop new products, materials, applications, and processes. With a 50-year warranty on its products and superior strength and capacity, JM Eagle stands behind the quality of all their water pipes including PVC and PE pipe.

Indian Harness Co

Contact phone: (804) 895-8696

Services and products:

  • Printed Seamless Packing Tube
  • Conditioner Seamless Packing Tube
  • Cosmetic Packaging Tube
  • Hand Wash Sanitizer Bottle
  • Liquid Lipstick Container

This plastic tube manufacturer offers a range of packaging solutions for various products including printed seamless packing tubes, conditioner seamless packing tubes and cosmetic packaging tubes with ABL, PBL and plastic materials. The minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces and delivery time is 15 days.

They also offer cosmetic jars, lotion bottles, perfume bottles and other packaging options.

Plastech Group

Services and products:

  • Clear plastic tubes for protecting and transporting fragile items
  • Plastic tubes for storing and displaying tools and retail items
  • Customized plastic tubing for promotional or seasonal needs with printing and labeling
  • Open-ended plastic tubes supplied with two closures
  • Transparent plastic tube sealed containers made with a sealed base and one closure for secure packing.

Plastech is a leading plastic tube manufacturer that provides clear tubes to protect and promote various products. Their expertise in manufacturing protective plastic tubes ensures excellent resistance and maximum storage protection.

With extensive experience, they can also customize the plastic tubing according to your promotional or seasonal needs with printing and labeling.

Preferred Plastics

Contact phone: (272) 620-0070

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Custom extruded plastic tubing for a wide range of industries
  • Ability to meet even the most demanding specifications
  • Delivering parts that meet the highest quality standards
  • Standard tubing sizes available in various materials
  • Tubing products for automotive, processing, construction, furniture, electrical, sporting goods, point of purchase, and household appliance industries.

Preferred Plastics is a globally recognized manufacturer of custom extruded plastic tubing that offers innovative solutions and top-notch customer service to meet the demands of various industries. With extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality plastic extrusions, the company specializes in providing products such as automotive motor tubing, point of purchase displays, processing equipment tubing, among others.

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