25 Coastal Modern Homes for a Stylish Retreat

Coastal modern homes blend sleek design and natural elements to create stunning retreats.

Regarding modern homes, the coastal style has often been a go-to for architects and homeowners. With its relaxed, breezy vibes and stunning water views, it’s no wonder why.

Coastal modern homes take that iconic look further as it incorporates cutting-edge building materials and technology into their designs.

Efficient insulation systems, sleek finishes, and traditional and contemporary designs make such beautiful coastal homes.

So, if you dream of a home that makes every day feel like a beach vacation, get ready to be inspired!

What You Will Learn

Luxury Coastal Farmhouse

Luxury Coastal Farmhouse: A Perfect Blend Of Beach Vibes And Simplicity coastal modern home
Source: @sucasadesign

This is a beautifully crafted modern home located on the coast. The design of this house represents a perfect blend of luxury and simplicity that makes it unique.

The board-and-batten exterior siding, accompanied by a soffit, enhances its coastal look, providing a fantastic appearance to the structure.

This custom-designed property features every intricate detail one can expect from a professionally designed home. The home meets all house goals for those who want to live near the water.

Cheerful and Coastal Home

Cheerful And Coastal: New-Construction Home In Corona Del Mar coastal modern home
Source: @homebunch

This beautiful coastal home boasts warm and playful interiors, perfect for beach living.

With the ocean steps away, this house offers the ultimate beach retreat experience. It has plant boxes for your shrubs and other wild grasses. There’s also an exceptional porch perfect for relaxation.

Charming Modern Coastal Shingle-Style Dream Home

This stunning home design features a modern coastal vibe with traditional shingle-style architecture. The charming exterior epitomizes coastal living, making this dream home perfect for Newport Beach.

Inspired by Elle Decor, this Hampton-style house boasts beautiful exterior designs that inspire those who want to create their own charming homes.

Traditional architecture perfectly blends with modern touches to bring you an unforgettable experience visiting this coastal home.

Captivating Coastal Modern Home

This is a stunning modern home that blends perfectly with the coastal environment.

The architectural design of this house is unique. It features large windows that capture the mesmerizing views of the ocean and let natural light into the home.

The interior decor exudes sophistication and elegance, portraying an airy and spacious layout. This perfectly exemplifies creating a harmonious space where contemporary architecture meets coastal living.

Timber-Clad Coastal Home In Byron Bay

Seaside Sanctuary: A Timber-Clad Coastal Home In Byron Bay coastal modern home
Source: @insideoutmag

This stunning home is the epitome of coastal living. The timber cladding exterior seamlessly blends in with the surrounding environment while providing a modern touch.

The location adds to its charm and makes it the perfect beach house for anyone looking for a peaceful retreat by the sea.

Charming Coastal Cottage

This charming and beautiful coastal home with a modern design. The living room has an inviting and cozy country feeling due to its vintage furniture and decor. This seaside home perfectly balances modernity, comfort, and serenity in its design.

Contemporary Coastal Marvel

This captures a stunning coastal modern home. The unique architectural design of this custom home is evident from the clean lines and contemporary elements incorporated into its construction.

It’s the perfect home for prominent families. You can host family dinners, retreats, and getaways with your clan.

Serene Contemporary Coastal Home Design

This beautifully designed modern home is on the coast. The house features clean lines and large windows that provide ample natural light. It also has a recreational space.

It has a contemporary design with white walls contrasting with slate grey roofing tiles bringing out the elegance in this coastal beauty.

The color combination blends perfectly well, bringing calmness to the environment around it and creating a serene home atmosphere perfect for relaxation or entertainment purposes.

Captivating Coastal Home Design

This is a stunning coastal home design created by Farren Architects. The method includes alterations and an extension to the existing family homes to make them more communal. This beach home is on the minimalist side.

If you’re looking for a coastal home that speaks for itself, this design is just right.

Serene Palmetto Bluff Lowcountry Coastal Home

This is a stunning coastal home that exudes Southern charm and style. It boasts beautiful water views, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to experience waterfront living.

The black windows and white exterior give the home an elegant look, while the spacious porch provides ample outdoor relaxation or entertainment space. With its cozy interiors, this coastal design is perfect for those who love the laid-back vibe of coastal homes.

Sleek and Picturesque Modern Coastal Home Design

Sleek And Picturesque: A Modern Coastal Home Design coastal modern home
Source: @homebunch

This coastal home features a sleek, modern design that perfectly complements its picturesque seaside location. Large windows allow natural light to flood the interior and provide breathtaking views of the ocean beyond.

This home is the epitome of contemporary coastal living, with clean lines, minimalist interiors, and high-end finishes. It’s a true masterpiece in architecture and design!

Minimalist Coastal Cottage

This is a still photo of a beautiful coastal home featuring minimalist design and simple decor. The front porch is cozy and inviting. This is perfect for easy living by the beach.

The aesthetic exudes cottage chic, with nods to modern farmhouses, traditional cottages, and bungalows. This home is an inspiring interpretation of the American farmhouse style blended with contemporary flair.

Sleek and Scenic Captivating Coastal Modern Home

Sleek And Scenic: Captivating Coastal Modern Home Design coastal modern home
Source: instagram.com

This beautiful image showcases a stunning coastal modern home design. The house features clean lines, large windows that allow natural light to flood the interior spaces, and gorgeous ocean views.

The overall aesthetic is sleek and contemporary, with white walls and wooden accents adding warmth and texture to the interiors.

From the minimalist furniture to the beautiful landscaping, every detail in this home speaks of luxury living at its finest.

Tranquil and Sleek Coastal Design

This stunning coastal home design is perfect for those who love the coast and its natural surroundings. The modern lines of the house suggest elegance and simplicity with its minimalist yet striking features.

The winter season highlights the home’s beauty, surrounded by pristine snow, making it an ideal spot for a cozy retreat. Experience excellent coastal living in this beautiful place that symbolizes tranquility and harmony while enjoying every moment on the coast.

Idyllic Coastal Modern Getaway

Idyllic Coastal Modern Getaway: A Double Gambrel Summer Home In Edgartown Martha's Vineyard coastal modern home
Source: instagram.com

This stunning coastal modern home is perfect for a vacation home or a retreat from the summer.

The double gambrel roof and the house’s clean lines perfectly capture the coastal style. It’s a perfect summer getaway for anyone who loves to bask in idyllic summertime vibes!

Impeccably Crafted and Fascinating Modern Coastal Home

Impeccably Crafted & Fascinating: A Modern Coastal Home Design In Destin Florida coastal modern home
Source: @floppybuilds

This modern coastal home design boasts an impeccably crafted exterior and fascinating interior. The house perfectly blends contemporary architecture with classic coastal living vibes.

This dwelling creates a true visual treat with clean lines, large window panes, and subtle hues. The fluidity and openness between indoor-outdoor spaces were perfectly handled in the design phase of this project.

Inside the house is no less than charming: natural light floods every corner of the rooms adorned with some tastefully chosen decor pieces.

Serenely Charming Coastal Cottage-Style Home

This is an exquisite coastal home design that inspires serenity and relaxation. The home’s exterior features charming details, including a beautiful entryway with a freshly painted front door that invites you inside.

The crisp white paint on the exterior walls complements the blue hues of the sky and sea, perfectly reflecting its coastal location.

Bunches of vibrant spring flowers scattered around create a jubilant atmosphere that adds to the warm feeling of this modern cottage-style home design.

Exquisite Coastal Dream Home

Exquisite Coastal Dream Home Sold Off-Market In Blue-Ribbon Location coastal modern home
Source: @ljhavalon

This breathtaking coastal home design is one of the most sought-after areas for luxurious properties by the beach. The house boasts a beautiful alfresco entertaining area and a relaxing pool, perfect for enjoying summer days with family and friends.

Its blue-ribbon location guarantees exclusivity and privacy while offering easy access to nearby amenities.

Seamlessly Modern Coastal Oasis

This modern coastal home creates a spacious living space with high ceilings that flow out to an attractive outdoor entertainment area.

Thanks to the excellent work of the designer and builder, this house now stands as an oasis for a young family. Luke Butterly took captivating photographs of this beautiful architectural feat.

Elegantly Coastal Contemporary Home

This stunning coastal contemporary home greets us with sheer class and elegance. The unique abode boasts outstanding features that are both breathtaking and functional.

It is a masterpiece that combines modern design techniques with the calm ambiance of the coast, resulting in an impressive architectural feat.

Spacious rooms with well-ventilated windows provide excellent natural lighting while offering expansive views of its serene environment.

This property undoubtedly redefines luxury living to amaze even the most upscale homeowner or real estate enthusiast looking for excellent options.

Seaside Modern Custom Home

This is an exquisite modern home design that sits beautifully by the seaside. The architecture and design are impeccable, bringing out a perfect balance of style and functionality. This custom-built masterpiece combines luxury and comfort in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

Exquisite Coastal Shingle-Style Custom Home

This stunning coastal home boasts an elegant shingle style and exquisite architectural design. It is a custom masterpiece crafted by top-notch home builders. With the brilliant work of the accomplished architect from PSD architects and builders, this home offers unrivaled beauty inside and out.

Minimalistic and Sleek Coastal Custom Home

This stunning modern home is situated on the beautiful coast. Every detail of this custom home has been meticulously planned and executed precisely, from the sleek lines to the minimalist aesthetic. It’s not just a house but an artful masterpiece reflecting modern living at its best!

Breathtaking and Unique Coastal Modern Home Design

A stunning coastal modern home that boasts a breathtaking staircase full of windows and is situated in an area where the influence of beachside architecture can be seen in local homes.

Serenely Elegant Coastal Modern Home

This is a stunning modern home design with a beautiful coastal feel, with its light and airy interiors decorated in soft pastel colors that reflect the nearby ocean.

The open-plan living area features elegant furniture and plenty of natural light that floods the space. With its serene atmosphere and stylish decor, this home is the perfect example of contemporary coastal living.

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