Cambridge Polymer Labs Quest: Complete Walkthrough for Gamers

In this gaming guide, you’ll learn step-by-step strategies to successfully complete the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest in the Fallout 4 game.

Key takeaways:

  • Embark on an adventure in a pre-war research facility.
  • Solve puzzles to recreate an experimental polymer coating.
  • Utilize the facility’s old technology to navigate hazards.
  • Gain valuable rewards, including a piece of armor with unique properties.
  • Location of Cambridge Polymer Labs is southeast of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus.

What You Will Learn

Cambridge Polymer Labs Quest Overview

cambridge polymer labs quest overview

In the world of Fallout 4, the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest offers a unique blend of post-apocalyptic adventure and scientific puzzle-solving that reflect real-world polymer applications:

  • Embark on an adventure in a pre-war research facility.
  • Encounter the story of scientists who were on the cusp of a breakthrough.
  • Solve puzzles to recreate an experimental polymer coating.
  • Utilize the facility’s old technology to navigate hazards.
  • Gain valuable rewards, including a piece of armor with unique properties.

This quest represents the integration of scientific discovery into gameplay, where the fictional advances in polymer technology provide context and objectives within the immersive environment of Fallout 4.

Location of Cambridge Polymer Labs

Nestled in the ruins of the Greater Boston area, Cambridge Polymer Labs can be found southeast of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus, now known as the “Institute” in the game world. This pre-war facility is easily identifiable by its distinctive, partly-intact glass facade.

To reach the lab, players can fast travel to the nearest discovered location and follow the in-game compass.

The building is bordered by roads that have seen better days and the remnants of what was once a bustling urban area.

Subway stations nearby, such as Kendall station, offer alternate routes for entry and escape, considering the lurking dangers of post-apocalyptic Massachusetts.

Nearby landmarks serve as useful orientation points; avid explorers might recognize the distinct architecture of the neighboring buildings.

The entrance of Cambridge Polymer Labs is marked by a sign, aiding players to pinpoint their destination amidst the chaos.

This site serves as a treasure trove for adventurers seeking advanced technology and valuable resources amidst the desolate backdrop of Fallout 4.

Detailed Walkthrough for the Cambridge Polymer Labs Quest

Upon entering Cambridge Polymer Labs, you’ll be greeted by a robotic staff member who will assign you the task of continuing a pre-war research project. The key steps in the quest include:

  • 1. Navigating the Facility: Explore the lab to find the main research terminal that will provide initial instructions. Collect any useful items along the way, such as protective gear and key cards.
  • 2. Finding Samples: Several chemical samples needed for the experiment are scattered throughout the lab. Look for U-238, Lithium Hydride, Gold, and other elements. Their locations vary, so check desks, containment units, and other surfaces.
  • 3. Using the Isolation Chamber: Once you’ve gathered the necessary samples, head to the Isolation Chamber. Deposit each sample into the chamber’s receptacle slots.
  • 4. Completing the Experiment: Use the research terminal to start the centrifuge and combine the samples. Depending on your choices of elements, you’ll synthesize different compounds.
  • 5. Unlocking the Exit: Creating the correct polymer releases the lockdown and allows you to exit the lab. If you’d prefer not to complete the experiment, look for an alternate route—a hole in the wall created by some debris may provide a way out.
  • 6. Collecting the Reward: Whether you complete the experiment or not, upon exiting, you’ll face the feral ghouls inside the facility. Deal with them accordingly, and then collect any additional loot before leaving.

Remember that your in-game decisions may affect this process, and various routes can be taken to achieve the end goal. This section of the quest requires a blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat skills to proceed.

Quest Impact On Fallout 4 Factions

The decisions you make during the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest can subtly influence your standing with the major factions in Fallout 4.

  • Working with Molly, the robotic lab assistant, and engaging with the research tasks she assigns doesn’t directly affect any factions. However, it immerses you in the pre-war world, which is a subject of interest for the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • If you side with the trapped scientist and decide to release him, rather than completing the experiment, this choice aligns with the humanitarian approach often adopted by the Railroad and Minutemen, although it doesn’t have a direct impact on your relationships with these groups.
  • By finishing the experiment and creating the piezoelectric material, you can keep it for personal gain or potentially leverage it in future interactions with the Brotherhood of Steel, who have a vested interest in technology.

Remember, none of these actions will drastically change your standing with any faction, but they add depth to your character’s alignment and can provide role-playing direction.

The ‘Cambridge Polymer Labs’ quest interlinks with other missions that either lead you there or stem from events within the lab:

  • “The Molecular Level”: This main storyline quest might bring you in proximity to the lab where you can stumble across it naturally, or be led there through exploring.
  • “Hypothesis”: Built on the principles of polymer developments, this quest available through the Institute faction has ties with the technology you explore in the Cambridge Polymer Labs.
  • “Public Knowledge”: While not directly related, the emphasis on scientific advancement connects to the background story you uncover in the lab.
  • “Hunter/Hunted”: Much like “The Molecular Level,” it may incidentally guide players through Cambridge, where they can choose to engage with the Polymer Labs quest.

These connections provide richness to the Fallout 4 world, where separate quests create a tapestry of interwoven narratives and settings, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


How do you complete the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest?

To complete the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest, eliminate the initial Molly to obtain the CPL Director’s key, use this key to access the director’s room on the second floor and eliminate the director, then return and eliminate the subsequent Molly. This sequence of actions will result in the completion of the quest.

Which samples to use in Cambridge Polymer Labs?

In Cambridge Polymer Labs, use Unidentified Sample 611 (Gold), Unidentified Sample 3111 (Lithium), and U-238 in the sample slots of the Polymer Coating Applicator terminal.

How do you get gold in Cambridge Polymer Labs?

To obtain gold in Cambridge Polymer Labs, you must reach the top floor room (C3) either through a hole in the ceiling from the opposite lab section or by using an Expert locked terminal located outside the door.

Where is the radioactive isotope in Cambridge Polymer Labs?

The radioactive isotope in Cambridge Polymer Labs is located in the isotope containment chamber, immediately to the left of room C2 or to the right of the staircase when facing it, and it is placed on a shelf across the radioactive waste in a test tube within a rack.

What are the potential rewards for completing the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest?

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What tips can you provide for navigating the lab effectively in the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest?

To effectively navigate the lab in the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest, prioritize exploring all rooms, locating keycards for access, using terminals for information, and crafting a power relay coil and gold in the chemical station for the experiment.

What role does the Molecular Level main story in the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest play?

The Molecular Level main story in the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest in the game Fallout 4 centers on finding and using a Polymer Coating Applicator to modify the player’s power armor for improved radiation resistance.

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