The 9 Plastic Houses Proving It Possible to Use the Material in Construction

These are houses made entirely of plastic or using the material significantly in their design.

Houses built with plastic building materials provide a modern and contemporary look while still being highly durable and resistant to weathering.

These houses are typically designed with composite wood panels for walls and ceilings, WPC (wood-plastic composite) for decking, SPC (stone plastic composite) for floors, and PVC trim for exterior finishing touches.

Plastic, as a synthetic building material, is eco-friendly and robust. It lends itself to designs that aren’t available with traditional materials.

These houses are a perfect example of what’s possible.

What You Will Learn


EcoTimber Philippines plastic house
Source: @ecotimberph

This modern contemporary house design features an exterior and interior made entirely of eco-friendly plastic building materials. The walls and ceilings are covered in composite wood panels that provide a unique, warm aesthetic while still being highly durable and resistant to weathering.

The decking is made from WPC (wood-plastic composite), which provides an attractive, slip-resistant surface that’s perfect for entertaining outdoor areas. The floors are constructed with SPC (stone plastic composite) for a luxurious look as well as increased stability and strength.

PVC trim provides the finishing touches to the exterior of the home, giving it a sleek, modern feel without compromising on quality or durability. Accent pieces like wall cladding, ceiling panels, and furniture add vibrant pops of color to create a truly unique living space that will last for years to come.

Recycled Plastic Cladding

Plastic Houses plastic house
Source: @handypaulo

The exterior of the house could be clad in recycled plastic cladding, and bifold doors could be installed to open up the space.

Inside, home renovation projects such as remodeling and extensions could be done to create an updated look. DIY projects such as painting or installing new fixtures can also help to improve the overall look of the home.

Eco Timber Siding

EcoTimber Philippines plastic house
Source: @ecotimberph

A modern and contemporary house design that uses eco-friendly plastic building materials such as WPC, SPC, and PVC composites for the walls, ceilings, panels, cladding, decking, and flooring. This type of house is perfect for residential use as well as hospitality projects such as hotels or resorts.

The design ideas for this type of house could include a sleek and minimalistic look with clean lines and natural colors to create an inviting atmosphere. The use of faux wood accents can add warmth to the overall aesthetic.

Pretty Plastic Mosaic

WRAP-UP 2022: Pretty Plastic plastic house
Source: @overtredersw

A contemporary two-story home built using plastic building materials for the walls and roof, such as recycled PET bottles or other types of plastic. This is combined with energy-efficient window glazing, insulation, and energy-efficient lighting to reduce environmental impact.

The exterior features unique cladding made from plastic to give it an eco-friendly finish.

House of the Future

House of the Future plastic house
Source: @disneyplease

This house design is made entirely of plastic and has a futuristic look. The exterior of the home is painted in bright colors to mimic the vibrant atmosphere of Disneyland.

On the interior, the walls are decorated with vintage Disney-inspired artwork or murals to bring a sense of nostalgia into the space. Quirky furniture pieces like bean bag chairs and mid-century modern couches could be added for an eclectic touch.

Plastic House II

Plastic House II plastic house
Source: @uberkreative

A modern, eco-friendly house design that utilizes plastic building materials would be a great fit for the above hashtags. The exterior of the house features walls made from recycled plastic panels, while the roof could be constructed using corrugated plastic sheets.

Inside, furniture and fixtures are made from recycled plastics and other sustainable materials. The overall design emphasizes energy efficiency and sustainability to maximize its environmental impact.

Plastic House

A modern house built in Tokyo using plastic building materials features an open floor plan with large windows and skylights that maximize natural light. The walls are made of durable panels of recycled plastic, while the roof is insulated using sustainable insulation materials such as bamboo or hemp-based materials.

The interior design incorporates minimalist furniture pieces with numerous plants to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Atomic Ranch

A mid-century modern style home designed by Wolfgang Feierbach. The exterior of the house features clean lines, geometric shapes, and large windows to let in natural light.

The walls and roof are constructed from plastic building materials such as polycarbonate panels or PVC siding for a unique look. Inside, the interior decor has an atomic ranch vibe with bright colors, bold patterns, and vintage furniture pieces.

Black Plastic House

A modern house design inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. The house features large windows to take in the natural light from outside, as well as a mix of traditional materials like stone or wood with modern plastic building materials for a unique look.

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