25 Bauhaus Modern Homes: Form Follows Function

Let’s explore the innovative architectural style of Bauhaus modern homes. Check out how this style influences contemporary design.

Bauhaus’s influence on modern architecture is so immense that today it’s difficult to imagine what our cities would look like without it.

The Bauhaus aesthetic is marked by simplicity, functionality, and clean lines. It is an instant hit among architects and designers looking to create simpler yet elegant structures that solve everyday problems.

Today, Bauhaus-inspired homes are enjoying a tremendous resurgence as many homeowners and architects continue to embrace this timeless style of modern living.

This blog post dives deeper into how Bauhaus Modern Homes remain relevant even in today’s fast-paced world of architecture.

What You Will Learn

Minimalist Bauhaus Modern House

This image displays an astonishing Bauhaus modern house design. The house has a unique architectural style with bold lines and shapes, giving it a distinctive look.

The interior also exhibits a sleek and simple minimalist design with carefully selected furniture that complements the house’s overall theme. This modern dream home is house-envy-worthy!

Luxurious Tropical Modern House

This home gives off a tropical vibe. The house facade is stunningly luxurious and displays modern architecture at its best.

The tropical elements in the space add to its overall charm and uniqueness. This residential masterpiece demonstrates the creativity and expertise of architects, making it an inspiration for all architecture lovers.

Dramatic Bauhaus-inspired Modern House

This modern home is heavily inspired by Bauhaus architecture. It has clean and angular lines. The house has bold shapes to create a sense of drama and elegance.

The house’s interior is just as impressive, with sleek finishes and an open-concept layout that maximizes natural light. The additional greenery and plants inside and outside the home add to the homey aesthetic.

This house embodies the spirit of modern design and would make any homeowner proud to call it their own.

Modern Bauhaus by the Water

Sleek And Minimal: A Striking Bauhaus Modern House Design bauhaus modern home
Source: @awsmestatez

This is an image of a modern house with a Bauhaus design. The by-the-water design makes this home more elevated in terms of style. The angles and clean lines are visually striking, giving the house a minimalist feel.

The white walls contrast nicely with the large windows allowing natural light to flood the interior. While no overtly luxurious features or elements exist, the overall design oozes sophistication and style.

This is truly an example of high-quality architecture at work.

Sleek Bauhaus-Inspired Modern Home

This sleek Bauhaus home is not only beautiful, but it has unique features as well. The design follows the principles of minimalism and modern architecture.

Its clean lines and simplicity create an air of elegance that perfectly complements its surroundings.

One of its unique features is the roofing and wall design. The seemingly added structure keeps the heat from coming into the house. It gives the home more ventilation to keep the inside air cool.

Luxurious Bauhaus-Inspired Modern Home

This is a stunning example of modern architecture. The design is based on the principles of the Bauhaus movement, which emphasizes simplicity and functionality in form.

The exterior features clean lines and geometric shapes, creating a sleek and contemporary look. The glass walls let the natural light in, keeping the home cozy and warm.

This house would be an ideal dream home for those who appreciate minimalist design and luxurious surroundings.

Minimalist Bauhaus Home

Minimalist Bauhaus: Striking & Elegant Modern Home Design bauhaus modern home
Source: @domo.topia

This image showcases a stunning Bauhaus modern house design. The clean lines and minimalist approach create an elegant look that will inspire current design enthusiasts.

With a focus on simplicity, this home boasts natural light-filled interiors that seamlessly blend form and function. The blend of wood and black exterior makes this even more beautiful.

This is the perfect example of a luxurious, contemporary home that exemplifies less and sometimes can be more!

Breathtaking Bauhaus Beach House

Breathtaking Bauhaus Beach House In Paraty Rio De Janeiro - A True Luxury Gem bauhaus modern home
Source: @grupo.114

This Bauhaus modern house design is a true luxury gem, built with the highest standards and meticulous attention to detail.

This beach home has all modern styles, from the exterior to the interior parts of the house. Its sleek lines and bold features blend perfectly into the surrounding urban space without losing its charm.

Unique Bauhaus Modern House Design

This all-glass home is beyond dreams! It shows a streamlined modern design. The house’s exterior has a minimalistic aesthetic featuring sharp angles and clean lines.

The image is expertly rendered, perfectly showcasing every aspect of the architecture – from its innovative design to its simple beauty.

It’s not only modern, it’s also very industrial with the cement block style of the home.

Luxurious Klinker Bauhaus Home

This modern Bauhaus house design features a beautiful klinker exterior. The double garage is made of solid construction, and the building itself boasts a sturdy foundation.

Large, stylish wooden windows and an elegant front canopy create an inviting entryway for visitors. This is a stunning example of high-end design as it incorporates unique details from the owner’s preference.

Semi-Detached Bauhaus Masterpiece

This semi-detached Bauhaus home is as unique as they come. It has a main home with three semi-detached houses. The white facade keeps it elegant and timeless. The window glasses keep the home basked in natural light!

Minimalist Bauhaus Villa

This is a stunning white Bauhaus villa. This design’s modern architecture and clean lines make it the perfect exemplification of perfection.

It has luxurious features making this home a rare find. It is an ideal home for people with modern taste and who love good living and practical functions.

Luxurious and Premium Bauhaus Villa

Breathtaking Golden Twilight Shot Of Luxurious Bauhaus Villa: A Premium Immobilien Capture bauhaus modern home
Source: @laastietje

This stunning modern Bauhaus villa design is filled with warm golden reflections captured during the twilight shot. The glowing lights and blue hour create a mesmerizing ambiance that exudes luxury and sophistication.

The home’s first level has a wooden exterior for that modern traditional feel. Then, it has a more contemporary style on the second level. The mix of these two styles is perfect and seamless.

Sustainable Bauhaus-Style Modern Home

Sophisticated And Sustainable Bauhaus-style Modern Home In Mannheim bauhaus modern home
Source: @streif_haus

A stunning modern house in the Bauhaus style with a flat roof characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes. The design is perfect for those who appreciate contemporary architectural sophistication.

The house is designed for sustainable living and is ideal for families looking to build their dream homes. This home includes innovative technology and energy-efficient features to make it eco-friendly.

Elegant Bauhaus Modern House

This is a stunning modern house that features the Bauhaus architectural style. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and simplicity characterize the house’s design.

Its white facade adds to the overall minimalist vibe of the home. Large windows invite maximum natural light into the living spaces and showcase fantastic views of nature outside.

This house has been beautifully designed for comfortable contemporary living while providing its owners with an unmatched level of luxury and sophistication.

Bauhaus-Inspired Modern House

Bauhaus-inspired Modern House With Elegant Pool And Sturdy Stone Build bauhaus modern home
Source: @kernhaus.de

This image showcases a stunning Bauhaus-style modern house with a flat roof and an elegant pool.

The unique architecture features clean lines and geometric shapes typical of the movement.

This individualized architect’s house is built stone by stone with excellent craftsmanship, making it beautiful and sturdy.

Bauhaus Luxury Pool House

Bauhaus Luxury: Modern Individual And Creative Pool House bauhaus modern home
Source: @kernhaus.de

This stunning modern house with a flat roof and Bauhaus style is perfect for pool and summer enthusiasts. The outdoor area boasts a beautiful pool, grill, and water feature, making it the ideal place to spend weekends during summertime.

The home features unique design touches highlighting the architects’ creativity and individuality. It’s an excellent example of modern architecture that will impress anyone interested in building a luxury home.

Bauhaus Winter Wonderland

This is a stunning example of Bauhaus architecture, featuring sleek lines and minimalist design. The house has a distinctive flat roof that gives it a unique look.

Surrounded by a snowy winter wonderland, the house offers an indoor-outdoor living space with spacious terraces and gardens to inspire any garden lover.

This attention to detail in this modern home’s minimal interior décor perfectly complements its striking Bauhaus style.

Luxurious Bauhaus Home

This is a stunning modern house design inspired by the Bauhaus movement, featuring clean lines and large windows.

The use of durable materials adds to the contemporary feel of this unique piece of architecture. With a sleek, flat roof, this is truly an impressive example of an architect’s vision realized.

Sleek Bauhaus Luxury Villa With Flat Roof

This is a stunning modern house design that embodies the principles of Bauhaus architecture. The use of brick and the flat roof create a sleek and minimalist look while still feeling warm and welcoming.

The architects have taken great care in planning and creativity, resulting in a unique and eye-catching build. It’s truly an architect’s house dream come to life!

Elegant Minimalist Bauhaus-Inspired Architecture

Exclusive & Minimalist: The Bauhaus-inspired Kernhaus Architecture bauhaus modern home
Source: @kernhaus.de

This beautiful and minimalist house design follows the principles of the Bauhaus style. The flat roof, straight lines, and simple shapes characterize the official Bauhaus design.

This stunning modern house combines functionality with aesthetics to create an elegant living space that matches contemporary lifestyles.

The veranda on the second level lets you enjoy the area with a 360-degree view. You can enjoy the sunrise, the beautiful sunset, and how the snow covers your surrounding land during winter.

Sophisticated Bauhaus-Inspired Modern Home

Sleek And Sophisticated: A Bauhaus-Inspired Modern Home bauhaus modern home
Source: @dc_hillier

This iconic Bauhaus-inspired house is a true modern masterpiece. The bold use of materials such as concrete, steel, and glass complements the design’s clean lines and geometric shapes.

Every detail has been carefully considered to create a genuinely minimalist living space. With its sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, this home is a stunning example of contemporary architecture.

Dreamy Modern Bauhaus Home

Breathtaking Bauhaus: A Dreamy Modern Design bauhaus modern home
Source: @bauloewe_

This is as modern as they come. This home has all the features of your typical Bauhaus-inspired house. One thing that captures onlookers and viewers most is the sliding window on the first floor that gives you a peak of the house’s interior.

Stunning Bauhaus Home

Breathtaking Bauhaus: A Stunningly Unique Modern Home Design bauhaus modern home
Source: @bauloewe_

This Bauhaus home is perfectly settled amidst nature. The modernity of the home and the environment’s green background makes it such a beautiful house for your family. This home has a two-car garage to protect your vehicles from rain, sun, and strong winds.

Timeless Bauhaus-Inspired Modern House

Bauhaus-inspired Modern House Design In Hamburg Germany By Mollwitz: Color-Popping & Refined bauhaus modern home
Source: @bauloewe_

This is an image of a modern Bauhaus-style house. The marble-stone exterior makes this home timeless. These stones are durable and very stylish too.

You’d love the patio on the second level as well. It’s where you could host parties or intimate dinners with families and friends. This home has many areas and spaces where you can chill and make memories.

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